About Muninn & Huginn Workshop

We are husband and wife team being creative together. You will see two distinct personalities reflected in our work. These personalities give our work a unique look and our store a wide variety of products. Sharon’s work has a tendency to be more feminine and have softer side with a little sparkle. Rich’s work has a tendency to be more masculine with a nod to natural and rustic materials. We both enjoy inspiration from Nordic and Celtic cultures. All items in our shop are handmade in our workshop in Minnesota.

About our Company Name-
We wanted to select a company name that referenced Nordic culture. Because we are two distinct personalities working together, we decided on Muninn and Huginn. In Norse mythology, Huginn and Muninn are Odin’s two ravens. Huginn is the old Norse word for “thought” and Muninn is the old Norse word for “memory”. Every morning at sunrise he sends them off to fly throughout all of the nine realms to gather information on what is happening. In the evening they return to Odin in Asgard and tell him everything that they have seen and heard.

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